Hugo de Almeida Vilares

Teaching Fellow in Managerial Economics and Strategy

I am a labour economist interested in understanding how the institutions of the market influences its outcomes and dynamics.

Research agenda

My research agenda aims at understanding the role of institutions, structural change, and individual worker and/or firm heterogeneity in explaining the outcomes and dynamics in the labour market, resorting to both a structural and empirically applied perspectives.

Current research questions

  • The institutional framework of the market and its influence on labour market adjustments.

  • The role of institutions in shaping labour market outcomes.

  • How wages are defined.

  • How much workers worth in the market.

  • Impact of technological change in the Labour Market.

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Current Affiliations

Primary fields

Labour Economics

Secondary fields

MacroeconomicsApplied Microeconometrics


PhD in Economics, LSE

MRes in Economics, LSE

MSc in Economics, Nova SBE

BSc in Economics, Nova SBE


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