Other Appearances

Convenção Aliança Democrática - 21 January 2023

Aliança Democrática

Public speech on the political convention of Aliança Democrática reflecting about the current situation of the country, its Housing crisis, its Social State, and the opportunities offered to the youth to stay in Portugal. 

Convenção por Portugal Intervenção de Hugo Almeida Vilares (1080p).mp4

Meet the Alumni - 09 May 2021

Nova Economics Club - Nova SBE

Nova Economics Club was founded in 2012 by a group of eleven MSc in Economics students at Nova School of Business and Economics. The initial objective was to aid the Ministry of Finance with economic prospections during the Economic Adjustment Programme.

Prior to the conclusion of the program, in 2014, the club underwent a restructuring process where it opened its doors Undergraduates students and begun to focus on economic research projects.

Nowadays, the club has a total of fifty-four members, over twenty partenerships with Economic Institutions and has expanded its activities to articles and debates.

The third episode of "Meet the Alumni". Our guest in this episode is Hugo de Almeida Vilares, who talked about his experience of writing papers and the hard work necessary to do it.

Interview Nova Economics Club.mp4

Interview with Nova Economics Club (9-05-2021)


Expresso (28-12-2013)